Value Added Services

I am somewhat unique in that I offer my clients the ability to
choose their own ideal set of value added services. This allows you to control your costs and your businesses financial future.

I would be happy to work with you either on a per hourly basis or quote you a fixed price on your chosen package.

With a fixed price agreement you have the benefit of calling any time (during normal business hours) with questions or advice knowing you will not be receiving an additional bill from me for the phone support.

Dawn M. Rosier CPA
Assistance for your current bookkeeper:
  • Remote login, telephone, e-mail,
  or on-site.
  • Proper General Ledger maintenance.
  • Recording of unusual transactions.
I maintain your General Ledger:
  • Accurate data entry of deposits and vendor payables means accurate reporting.
  • Allowing better financial decisions.
I prepare your sales tax returns:
  • Ensure proper compliance.
  • Eliminate filing penalties and errors.
I prepare your payroll, maintain all records and file all required reports:
  • Ensure your wages are paid correctly.
  • Ensure your tax obligations are met.
I help you:
  • Prepare, review and analyze business budgets.
  • Cut costs strategically.
  • Grow your business strategically.
  • Capital budget for major equipment repair and replacement.
Review and reconciliation of banking transactions:
  • Verify integrity of cash disbursements journal.
  • Verify cash position.
Review and reconciliation of customer/vendor accounts:
  • Verify integrity of your balance sheet.
  • Implement appropriate collection or payment procedures.
I set up reporting to:
  • Identify and track “Key Performance Indicators”.
I evaluate your current processes to:
  • Help identify possible weaknesses.
  • Ensure transactions are being properly recorded.
I’ll assist you with the set-up or conversion to a new accounting system:
  • Software set-up.
  • General Ledger set-up.
  • Ensure accurate opening balances.
I prepare the level of financial statements required for your business and/or purpose:
  • Engagement letter required.
  • Management letter required.
I prepare all required Federal and State returns:
  • Handle all IRS inquiries.
  • Reconcile financial statements to  taxable income.
I prepare and help you interpret your cash flow:
  • Prepare projections.
  • Cash management strategies.
Annual review of financial position:
  • Review loans and leases.
  • Review assets and A/R
I maintain accurate and complete depreciation records:
  • Take advantage of depreciation tax planning.
  • Implement an equipment replacement plan.
I prepare your Federal and State payroll reports:
  • Make sure reporting requirements are met.
  • Eliminate non-compliance penalties.
Menu Of Value Added Services
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Bookkeeping Assistance
Sales Tax Reporting
Payroll Tax Reporting
Payroll Preparation & Reporting
Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedules
Year End Review
Financial Statements
Annual Federal and State Income Tax’s
Annual or Special Purpose Budgets
Internal Control Review
Trend Reporting
Cash Flow Reporting
Bank Reconciliations
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
Set-up of New Accounting System